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In the News: 3 Civic Plaza featured in The Province


Recently 3 Civic Plaza was featured in an article in The Province, in which the author, Mary Frances Hill, highlights the luxurious interiors of the residences in this unique development. The impeccable interiors done by Sharron van der Meulen and Mark Haidle, who are the lead designers at ZGF Architects, exemplify a mix of ‘modern eclectic’ and hotel luxury.

“The design and colour options are varied to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers from many cultures”, said Haidle. The suites also offer many high-end features which resemble those in world class premium hotels that you wouldn’t normally see in residential suites, according to Sean Hodgins, President of Century Group.

Definitely a development worth checking out!

In the News: 3 Civic Plaza featured on thesurreybeat

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Things are falling into place. On April 8, 2013 Surrey City Council will approve (or so we hope) the development permit for 3 Civic Plaza. TheSurreyBeat, a blog focused on news and events pertaining Surrey BC, posted a great article recently by Bronwyn Scott about the project which gave a brief project timeline and when it should be completed.

Surrey Councillor Marvin Hunt is quoted saying, he sees no reason why the project would not be approved as it has had quite a bit of support from the city and is set to be a key component of the new ‘revitalized city core’.

In the News: 3 Civic Plaza featured in the Surrey North Delta Leader

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Recently in the Surrey North Delta Leader, 3 Civic Plaza was featured in an article boasting all of the features and amenities that will be available to residents and guests of this mixed-use residential and luxury hotel development.

“Fifty-five years of doing business (and) this is the most exciting project I’ve ever done,” said Sean Hodgins, president of Century Group. Construction of this project is in the initial stages and it is expected to be finished in fall 2015.

3 Civic Plaza is a substantial component of the transformation of Surrey City Centre into the ‘vibrant downtown core’ that it’s envisioned as by so many. In addition to creating jobs, the hotel will also inject millions of dollars into local businesses and services, which will help continue the area’s growth. This project, along with the new City Centre Library, relocated city hall, the expansion of Surrey Memorial Hospital and the new outdoor space will make Surrey Centre practically unrecognizable in the coming years.