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3 Civic Plaza and Surrey City Centre

Surrey City Centre: An emerging centre for health technology

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Between investments in universities, healthcare, industry and community infrastructure it looks like one day Vancouver may be pushed aside as one of Canada’s most desirable places to live. Surrey’s City Centre is home to world-class talent and organizations in the health technology sector — one of Surrey’s 9 key sectors. All located along the emerging Innovation Boulevard between SFU Surrey and Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Did you know that there are over 180 professional health services companies within 1 square mile of our City Centre? There is also a significant amount of medical office development expected to come to the area in the near future.

Surrey also has a brand new, state of the art health care centre, thanks to the expansion of Surrey Memorial Hospital. The expansion was worth approximately half of a billion dollars, making it the largest in British Columbia. This translates into significantly enhanced patient care for the community members who live in this area.

Watch the video below to learn more.

VIDEO: Innovation Blvd Presentation

Civic Plaza: The Aesthetics of Space

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At the heart of Surrey’s City Centre, flanked by 3 Civic Plaza (hotel and residences), City Centre Library and the new Surrey City Hall, a civic plaza has arrived. The City has retained Kasian-Moriyama Architects to design the civic plaza as a feature of the new urban hub that Surrey City Centre is transitioning into.

The joint ventures that comprise Surrey City Centre will be physically linked through the proposed civic plaza. This plaza will provide residents, neighbours and visitors to City Centre a place to experience this new development collectively, through congregation and community engagement. With the increased residential, commercial and educational space currently under development in the area, the civic plaza plays an essential role of bringing people together. It is estimated that the plaza will be large enough to accommodate up to 5,000 people for concerts, Farmer’s Markets or other open air events.

But this plaza is not only for large civic gathers, a number of street-level design features provide residents with places to enjoy any day of the year. Benches lining the plaza’s edges are well-situated under planted, leaf-bearing trees. Surrey residents can look forward to the dappled sunlight that these trees will reveal, providing a perfect setting for an afternoon chat or for getting into a good book.

Vehicle access has been incorporated into the eastern edge of the plaza. It may seen counterintuitive to allow vehicular traffic into the civic area, however, it is widely believed by the urban design community that controlled car access can create animation and activity. This is particularly true in times when the community plaza is not programmed or in poor weather when few people use the space.

The edges of the road will be lined by waist-height bollards and in-ground LEDs will demarcate the road’s centre line. These pedestrian-scale lighting interventions help to create safe and engaging public spaces, while preventing over-lighting that may disturb plaza users and neighbouring residents. The western edge of road will be also incorporate LED lighting features that will illuminate the plaza and nearby planted trees.

In addition to the trees and aesthetic features, the face of the civic plaza has also been carefully designed. The surface of the plaza will consist of brown and beige-coloured paving stones arranged in a pattern representing the DNA of a Douglas Fir.

Individually, the components for this civic plaza create an inviting and interactive space. See you at the plaza!


The Civic Plaza

The Civic Plaza

Brewing it Right in Surrey City Centre

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Micro-brewery scene gains momentum in Surrey

There have always been plenty of places to grab a beer with friends in Surrey; previously however, you may have been hard pressed to find an imported Belgian or apricot-infused beer at your neighbourhood watering hole. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to find craft beer in Surrey City Centre, for those who prefer the micro-brew.

Since the micro-brewery revolution of the 1990s, this community has received more than its fair share of award-winning brews made right in Surrey, and more often than not, you can enjoy them straight from the source.

One local favourite is the Central City Brewing Company, a two-time winner of Canada’s Brewery of the Year, with their brew pub and restaurant located right in the heart of the new Surrey City Centre. Central City is the home of the famous Red Racer and Red Betty craft beers. Additionally, for non-beer drinkers, their distillery also produces Betty’s Iced Tea and Vodka in peach and raspberry flavours. The beer isn’t the only thing that’s getting rave reviews; the menu utilizes their beers and is inspired by traditional pub fair while focussing on the freshest local ingredients.

Thanks to their proximity to the SkyTrain, it’s a breeze to get to, and a perfect meeting spot for friends who appreciate a cool and inviting atmosphere paired with some of the most delicious craft beers in the city. It’s no wonder why this has become a hot spot in the heart of Surrey City Centre. Getting home safely after sampling a couple of the local micro brews will be even easier for 3 Civic Plaza residents, since they will live a stone’s throw from the brewery.

Behind the scenes of a brewery

Behind the scenes at Central City’s brewery

Another great local brewery is Russell Brewing Company, which does not have a brewpub, but their legendary craft beers and seasonal favourites can be found at pubs and liquor stores all over Surrey. With deliciously dark names like Black Death Porter and Blood Alley Bitter, you know you’re not in for an average drinking experience. Seasonal varieties such as their award-winning Wee Angry Scotch Ale and the Russell IP ‘eh! India Pale Ale, may keep you on the hunt to try every variety and on the lookout for their original and frequent new offerings.

With Surrey growing into an exciting new urban hub, hopefully this is only the beginning of this local brewing revolution. There’s no such thing as too many beers, right? We didn’t think so, and if you want to have more than one or two, you can always rely on the SkyTrain to get you home safely.


Imagine yourself at 3 Civic Plaza in 3D

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Our team at 3 Civic Plaza knows that many buyers want more than floor plans to envision living in a home space. To satisfy this need for our most asked about suites, we’ve released a collection of fully furnished 3D renderings to help buyers better imagine themselves in their new home. The floor plans with available renderings are our three bedroom T plan; our two bedroom, two bath G1 plan; our M plan, featuring a balcony that can be accessed from the living room and the bedroom; and our J1 plan, another 2 bedroom home that features a separate entryway.

The largest unit we currently offer for sale (sorry all of our penthouse suites sold out within the first three months!), our ‘T Plan’, has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with spacious open-concept living spaces. These homes are just over 1400 square feet and provide beautiful west facing views. Buyers can enjoy a spacious kitchen designed to channel one’s inner chef, fully equipped with a moveable dining island and space for a formal dining table. The kitchen and dining area is open to the main living space, making the home perfect for entertaining. The living room is big enough to accommodate either a large sectional or a couch and loveseat. The master bedroom has a luxurious adjoining ensuite and all three bedrooms have plentiful closet space. This floor plan is available on floors 35 – 38.


3Civic Plaza Rendering Plan T

3 Civic Plaza 3D Rendering – Plan T

The ‘G1 Plan’ offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms and is located on the corner of the building allowing residents to enjoy south, east, and west facing views. Homeowners will similarly love cooking in the spacious kitchen that includes an island which doubles as a dining table. This plan also features a fantastic balcony that is large enough to fit a table and chairs for four. These homes vary slightly in size depending on the floor, but are approximately 1020 square feet and are available on floors 25 – 38.


3 Civic Plaza Rendering Plan G1

3 Civic Plaza 3D Rendering – Plan G1

Another spacious two bedroom home to choose from is our ‘M Plan’. The bedrooms in this home are strategically placed on either side of the living room for maximum privacy. The master has an adjoining ensuite, while the other bedroom has a washroom just across the hall. These west facing homes come with large windows in both bedrooms and in the living room; great for letting in lots of light in the afternoon. The balcony can be accessed from the living room or from the second bedroom. This home is approximately 1050 square feet and is available on floors 39 – 50.


3 Civic Plaza Rendering - Plan M

3 Civic Plaza 3D Rendering – Plan M

Our ‘J1 Plan’ is another two bedroom, two bath option. Many homeowners will appreciate this home’s separate entryway, allowing room to drop off your keys and coat before entering the main living space. This home offers fabulous west facing views from the living room and both bedrooms and residents will also enjoy a sizable balcony accessible from the living room. These homes again vary in size depending on floor, but are approximately 850 square feet, available on floors 15 – 24.

3 Civic Plaza Rendering Plan J1

3 Civic Plaza 3D Rendering – Plan J1

The J1 Plan is one of our show suites at our 3 Civic Plaza Presentation Centre and we invite you to visit us Thursday – Sunday from 12 noon – 5 pm to walk through the home yourself. Our friendly sales staff are happy to answer any inquiries you have about the four suites we’ve features or any of our other floor plans. We look forward to seeing you!


*Renderings and images are an artist’s perception and are intended only as a general reference.