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3 Civic Plaza and Surrey City Centre

Surrey Named One of World’s Top 7 Intelligent Communities

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The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), an economic and social development think tank based out of New York, recently released its list of the “Top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2015”. We couldn’t be more proud that our very own Surrey, BC made the list!

The top seven communities were chosen from a list of the ‘Smart 21 Communities of the Year’, which was produced by a group of academic analysts back in October. Communities were judged based on economic, social, and cultural development using information and communication technologies.

The purpose of the award is to encourage technologically advanced cities to share they’re innovative technologies so that others may learn from their knowledge and successes. Surrey City Centre is currently going through a major transition and it’s great to have the innovative features of the city  recognized on an international platform.

Each year the finalists are chosen based on a theme, and this year it was ‘The Revolution Community’. The My Surrey App and Innovation Boulevard were deemed particularly innovative by analysts and helped earn Surrey top marks.

More information about the Top 7 Intelligent Communities in an article by the Huffington Post and a video produced by the ITF.

Holland Park: A Garden Oasis in the Middle of Surrey City Centre

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For apartment dwellers with limited outdoor space, Holland Park could definitely be considered one of the neatest attributes of living in Surrey City Centre. Although we love the urban atmosphere of King George Blvd, with the SkyTrain overhead, plentiful restaurants, and people bustling every-which-way, it’s hard to believe that there’s a beautifully serene park only two blocks away.

Holland Park is a great place to spend time with family and friends and the numerous paths through the park make it perfect for jogging or taking the dog for a walk. When you’re at Holland Park it feels like a green oasis, no matter what you’re doing, and it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of Surrey’s downtown core.

This is one of Surrey’s newest and most urban parks, with benches and garden lined paths throughout, making it very accessible and usable for the public. In total it is only 10 acres in size, but feels much larger. The park is also home to a number of public art pieces such as 2 towering metal floral structures, which adds some visual interest to the space (in case the trees and real flowers weren’t enough for you).

In the future the city plans to expand the ways that people use the park and there is talk of building a water park, tennis courts and volley ball courts. Even now you will often see workout classes and other groups congregating in the park, but it will be great to increase the usability of the space with more facilities.

Holland Park is also used for numerous community events such as Movies under the Stars and the Fusion Festival. It was recently  also the venue for a Mumford and Sons concert  attended by 20,000 people!

We look forward to having more large-scale events held in Surrey, and Holland park seems like the natural place for such events considering its expansive size. It’s easy access to transit also makes it easily accessible by the rest of the lower mainland such as Vancouver, New West and Burnaby, which are all served by SkyTrain.


Public art at Holland Park

Public art at Holland Park

Photo 2013-07-03 5 10 57 PM

Walking paths at Holland Park


The Fusion Festival at Holland Park

The Fusion Festival at Holland Park

Must-Try Restaurants: Sushi & Roll Japanese Restaurant

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Ever tried Sushi & Roll Japanese Restaurant in Surrey City Centre?

It’s a great sushi restaurant  on King George Hwy near 102nd Avenue next to the Money Tree and our Presentation Centre (you can’t miss it!). When you walk into the restaurant, it resembles a fairly standard sushi establishment, the service and food however are why this is one of our favorite restaurants in Surrey City Centre.

If you’ve been to very many sushi restaurants, you know that receiving consistently great service is not always the norm. Many restaurants fail to acknowledge you when you walk in the door, making you guess whether or not you’re supposed to seat yourself. Others serve you your food by plunking it down in the middle of the table, sometimes not even telling you what it is.

At Sushi & Roll we’ve never walked in and waited more than ten seconds to be greeted warmly by one of their staff members. No matter how busy the staff members are, they’re always kind and helpful.

Last time we visited this restaurant we ordered gomae, the Crazy Rabbit Roll, the Crispy Volcano Roll and assorted sashimi. The food arrived quickly and was fresh and delicious. There are still a number of other interesting rolls from their ‘Special Menu’ we’d like to try such as the ‘Ps I love you roll’ and the ‘Double dragon roll’. We’re slowly  working our way through the menu and so far we’ve never been disappointed.

Since the food is so quick, this restaurant is perfect to go to on a lunch break or to pop into for takeout. Next time you’re craving sushi, we recommend giving this restaurant a try.


***For another ‘must-try’ restaurant in Surrey City Centre check out our post on an amazing Thai restaurant, The Nahm Thai Bistro.

3 Civic Plaza Presentation Centre Closing Soon!

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Make sure that you visit the Presentation Centre in the next few weeks to take advantage of construction pricing. We’ve got a wide selection of options with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms homes available.

Surrey City Centre is Metro Vancouver’s next downtown hub and you won’t want to miss out on the area’s first luxury hotel-inspired residences. If you haven’t had a chance to view the two residential designer display suites and the two new hotel suites designed for Marriott International’s Autograph Collection, then visit our Presentation Centre before it’s too late.

In addition to offering premium finishes and access to the Civic Hotels extensive amenities, 3 Civic Plaza also offers the best views of Metro Vancouver, since our residences start at the height that most other developments end.

The 3 Civic Plaza Presentation Centre is open daily from 1pm to 6pm (closed Fridays), or by appointment at 604 763-5156 or We’re located at 10277 King George Boulevard between 102 and 104 Avenue in Surrey City Centre.

Remember: construction at 3 Civic Plaza is underway and our Presentation Centre closes soon. We have expanded hours for the next few months, and look forward to seeing you!


Civic Plaza, Surrey City Centre

Civic Plaza, Surrey City Centre

The Grand Lobby at 3 Civic Plaza

The Grand Lobby at 3 Civic Plaza

The best views in Surrey City Centre

The best views of Metro Vancouver

Learn more on our website at





Our Presentation Centre Hours have changed

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To better serve our customers we have increased the open hours of the 3 Civic Plaza Presentation Centre for the next few months.

We are now open daily from 1pm to 6pm (closed Fridays), or by appointment at 604 763-5156 or

Our Presentation Centre is located at 10277 King George Boulevard, between 102 and 104 Avenue in Surrey City Centre.

Project website: