Must-Try Restaurants: Sushi & Roll Japanese Restaurant

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Ever tried Sushi & Roll Japanese Restaurant in Surrey City Centre?

It’s a great sushi restaurant  on King George Hwy near 102nd Avenue next to the Money Tree and our Presentation Centre (you can’t miss it!). When you walk into the restaurant, it resembles a fairly standard sushi establishment, the service and food however are why this is one of our favorite restaurants in Surrey City Centre.

If you’ve been to very many sushi restaurants, you know that receiving consistently great service is not always the norm. Many restaurants fail to acknowledge you when you walk in the door, making you guess whether or not you’re supposed to seat yourself. Others serve you your food by plunking it down in the middle of the table, sometimes not even telling you what it is.

At Sushi & Roll we’ve never walked in and waited more than ten seconds to be greeted warmly by one of their staff members. No matter how busy the staff members are, they’re always kind and helpful.

Last time we visited this restaurant we ordered gomae, the Crazy Rabbit Roll, the Crispy Volcano Roll and assorted sashimi. The food arrived quickly and was fresh and delicious. There are still a number of other interesting rolls from their ‘Special Menu’ we’d like to try such as the ‘Ps I love you roll’ and the ‘Double dragon roll’. We’re slowly  working our way through the menu and so far we’ve never been disappointed.

Since the food is so quick, this restaurant is perfect to go to on a lunch break or to pop into for takeout. Next time you’re craving sushi, we recommend giving this restaurant a try.


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  1. Kosuke says:

    Yes…we have taken lunch from Sushi & Roll in Surrey City centre. I think this is the best Japanese Restaurant in Surrey county. All foods are delicious and fresh. Their stuff are friendly and quick in service. I am very surprised to take lunch from the restaurant.

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