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Surrey City Centre Adds New Medical and Technology Hub

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Surrey is transforming.

There is no doubt about it. 3 Civic Plaza is in the midst of it all.

There is more hustle and bustle, and more change-making businesses are moving into Surrey City Centre.

Why do I say this?

There has been a positive turn in the news in the last few years. Not too long ago, the focus of Surrey news was on the urban sprawl, the taboo topics like drugs, shootings, or various crimes that is commonplace in all cities. Surrey was known as the ugly step sister amidst all of the changes in Metro Vancouver and Greater Vancouver. Now, the media is turning its attention away from those topics as the government, developers, investors, and local residents are beginning to believe in Surrey’s potential to become the urban hub of Greater Vancouver. More and more pieces are falling into place as Surrey, British Columbia, is recognized in Western Canada as a new hub that is attracting international business, technology and medical innovators in commercial developments; more developers are building residential towers; and the government is investing in the city’s public transportation (LRT and revamping SkyTrain stations) to make way for population growth.

It is projected that Surrey will absorb 70% of the entire South of the Fraser population growth over the next 25 years.

Western Investor’s latest news article referenced 3 Civic Plaza recently, and the move-in of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s fifth campus. They also highlighted the immense population growth and how Surrey will overtake Vancouver’s status as the largest city in British Columbia. Surrey will lead the way in nurturing employees in sectors like retail trade, health care and social assistance, manufacturing, construction, and transportation and warehousing which are all key to our economic backbone.

To top it all off, they have a brilliant infographic to show for these exciting new changes.

This YouTube video depicts in animation the Planning and Development Department’s plan to urbanize Surrey, with high rises and convenient on the ground transportation. It visualizes how all of these different components connect the larger geographic regions within the City of Surrey.

Finally, this Business in Vancouver article highlights Lark Group’s “Stanford University-type” medical research hub that consists of eight office towers that will be part of the Health and Technology District and plugs Surrey into state-of-the-art connectivity infrastructure. The new addition to the Health and Technology District promises to inject $1.1 billion annually into the local economy and create 15,000 jobs.

Get a head start. Be part of these innovative changes. Live at the Center of it All.

3 Civic Plaza Featured in Surrey604’s Exclusive Web Series

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An influential local blog called Surrey604 partnered with David Smith from David Smith Homes to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at one of Century Group‘s most exciting projects: 3 Civic Plaza. In the premier episode of The Local, a Surrey-based web series that focuses on building up our local communities, 3 Civic Plaza is recognized as a local icon that will be alive with visitors, residents, students, government and business people in Surrey.

The episode 3 Civic Plaza – An Icon Arises, places emphasis on the project’s identity as more than just the tallest tower being built in the City of Surrey, but a community. We were asked to share what makes 3 Civic Plaza iconic to the current Surrey community, such as, Prado Cafe’s plans to move into Surrey and a first look at Civic Hotel, Autograph Collection. As we head closer to project completion date that is projected for Fall 2017, we’re happy to see unified support from the City, partners, and other guests, including:

We want to extend our appreciation, as without the support and recognition from the local community, partners, and staff, 3 Civic Plaza will not have been as well-recognized and successful as it is today.

Watch Season 1 – The Local – 3 Civic Plaza

Imagine the Holidays Here

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It’s easy to see why 3 Civic Plaza is at the centre of it all when you’ve had an opportunity to experience the City of Surrey’s 6th annual Tree Lighting Festival held on Saturday, November 21st on the Civic Plaza.

Mayor Linda Hepner was on hand to light the 55 foot Christmas Tree on the plaza. The event also featured dozens of performers — from Beatles tribute bands to children’s theatre, and classical ballet performances to seasonal carollers. In collaboration with ITC, who installed long lines of gold LED lights along their crane arms, 3 Civic Plaza is an ongoing Community Sponsor for the event and looks forward to continuing the spirit of holiday lights on the plaza in the future.

A ‘town triangle’ comes to Surrey City Centre

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Why don’t we do town squares in the lower mainland? No self-respecting European city would be seen without one. These are focal points for the community. Coffee happens in the morning, markets are held in the day and restaurants put out tables for dinners at night. Okay, I know that in this part of the world we’d need some pretty serious umbrellas but still – where are our community gathering places?

Are malls currently our modern equivalent to the traditional town square? My need is not for harsh lighting and echoing acoustics. When hungry, I prefer to not be faced with a range of undigestible ingestibles in an area that makes seagulls over fresh garbage seem polite and tidy. And don’t even get me started on the music!

So what do you want if you aren’t happy with the existing mall world? I want to stop for a mouth-watering snack that provides actual nutrition, in an area that refreshes my senses, not refreshes my hostile attitude toward my fellow man. I want my eyes to enjoy themselves with lovely vistas, interesting statues, artwork and architecture.

So is there a way to make a nice town square, or triangle? The new civic plaza might just be the answer. The impressive new Surrey City Hall,  spectacular City Centre Library and luxury hotel and residences at 3 Civic Plaza will create a triangle with a plaza in the center connecting them all. The plaza is quite vast, and will be able to host up to 5,000 people for events and celebrations. Hopes are high that it will be the new hub for art markets, street food venders, live concerts and more. Aside from connecting  city hall, the library and 3 Civic Plaza, it will also act as a corridor that will extend to the future Performing Arts Centre, SFU Surrey and the Central City Shopping Centre.

When finished the civic plaza sounds like it’s going to be pretty amazing; truly a new urban village in downtown Surrey that will be unlike anything else in the rest of Surrey or Metro Vancouver. Now all we need is a few funky eclectic shops and some restaurants with patio tables extending out onto the plaza and we’ll have the ultimate town triangle. No trip to Europe necessary.


Holland Park: A Garden Oasis in the Middle of Surrey City Centre

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For apartment dwellers with limited outdoor space, Holland Park could definitely be considered one of the neatest attributes of living in Surrey City Centre. Although we love the urban atmosphere of King George Blvd, with the SkyTrain overhead, plentiful restaurants, and people bustling every-which-way, it’s hard to believe that there’s a beautifully serene park only two blocks away.

Holland Park is a great place to spend time with family and friends and the numerous paths through the park make it perfect for jogging or taking the dog for a walk. When you’re at Holland Park it feels like a green oasis, no matter what you’re doing, and it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of Surrey’s downtown core.

This is one of Surrey’s newest and most urban parks, with benches and garden lined paths throughout, making it very accessible and usable for the public. In total it is only 10 acres in size, but feels much larger. The park is also home to a number of public art pieces such as 2 towering metal floral structures, which adds some visual interest to the space (in case the trees and real flowers weren’t enough for you).

In the future the city plans to expand the ways that people use the park and there is talk of building a water park, tennis courts and volley ball courts. Even now you will often see workout classes and other groups congregating in the park, but it will be great to increase the usability of the space with more facilities.

Holland Park is also used for numerous community events such as Movies under the Stars and the Fusion Festival. It was recently  also the venue for a Mumford and Sons concert  attended by 20,000 people!

We look forward to having more large-scale events held in Surrey, and Holland park seems like the natural place for such events considering its expansive size. It’s easy access to transit also makes it easily accessible by the rest of the lower mainland such as Vancouver, New West and Burnaby, which are all served by SkyTrain.


Public art at Holland Park

Public art at Holland Park

Photo 2013-07-03 5 10 57 PM

Walking paths at Holland Park


The Fusion Festival at Holland Park

The Fusion Festival at Holland Park

3 Civic Plaza Presentation Centre Closing Soon!

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Make sure that you visit the Presentation Centre in the next few weeks to take advantage of construction pricing. We’ve got a wide selection of options with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms homes available.

Surrey City Centre is Metro Vancouver’s next downtown hub and you won’t want to miss out on the area’s first luxury hotel-inspired residences. If you haven’t had a chance to view the two residential designer display suites and the two new hotel suites designed for Marriott International’s Autograph Collection, then visit our Presentation Centre before it’s too late.

In addition to offering premium finishes and access to the Civic Hotels extensive amenities, 3 Civic Plaza also offers the best views of Metro Vancouver, since our residences start at the height that most other developments end.

The 3 Civic Plaza Presentation Centre is open daily from 1pm to 6pm (closed Fridays), or by appointment at 604 763-5156 or We’re located at 10277 King George Boulevard between 102 and 104 Avenue in Surrey City Centre.

Remember: construction at 3 Civic Plaza is underway and our Presentation Centre closes soon. We have expanded hours for the next few months, and look forward to seeing you!


Civic Plaza, Surrey City Centre

Civic Plaza, Surrey City Centre

The Grand Lobby at 3 Civic Plaza

The Grand Lobby at 3 Civic Plaza

The best views in Surrey City Centre

The best views of Metro Vancouver

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