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3 Civic Plaza Featured in Surrey604’s Exclusive Web Series

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An influential local blog called Surrey604 partnered with David Smith from David Smith Homes to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at one of Century Group‘s most exciting projects: 3 Civic Plaza. In the premier episode of The Local, a Surrey-based web series that focuses on building up our local communities, 3 Civic Plaza is recognized as a local icon that will be alive with visitors, residents, students, government and business people in Surrey.

The episode 3 Civic Plaza – An Icon Arises, places emphasis on the project’s identity as more than just the tallest tower being built in the City of Surrey, but a community. We were asked to share what makes 3 Civic Plaza iconic to the current Surrey community, such as, Prado Cafe’s plans to move into Surrey and a first look at Civic Hotel, Autograph Collection. As we head closer to project completion date that is projected for Fall 2017, we’re happy to see unified support from the City, partners, and other guests, including:

We want to extend our appreciation, as without the support and recognition from the local community, partners, and staff, 3 Civic Plaza will not have been as well-recognized and successful as it is today.

Watch Season 1 – The Local – 3 Civic Plaza

Construction Progress: Headed for the Clouds

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The construction progress is impressive in the month of July!


The bottom floors of the hotel are nearly complete—drywall, insulation, and bathroom and bedroom configurations are already in place.


We took the lift to the rooftop of the Civic Hotel and was greeted with the most breathtaking view in Surrey.


Decorating the top of the rooftop ceiling and on the walls are the signature guitar picks that help distinguish 3 Civic Plaza in Surrey City Centre. Finally, with first layer of waterproofing membrane installed, the hotel pool is taking shape.

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Currently, we are pouring concrete on floor 36 and the vignette displays are nearly complete for approval. Soon, we will be able to get a taste of what the completed suites will look like upon completion.

A ‘town triangle’ comes to Surrey City Centre

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Why don’t we do town squares in the lower mainland? No self-respecting European city would be seen without one. These are focal points for the community. Coffee happens in the morning, markets are held in the day and restaurants put out tables for dinners at night. Okay, I know that in this part of the world we’d need some pretty serious umbrellas but still – where are our community gathering places?

Are malls currently our modern equivalent to the traditional town square? My need is not for harsh lighting and echoing acoustics. When hungry, I prefer to not be faced with a range of undigestible ingestibles in an area that makes seagulls over fresh garbage seem polite and tidy. And don’t even get me started on the music!

So what do you want if you aren’t happy with the existing mall world? I want to stop for a mouth-watering snack that provides actual nutrition, in an area that refreshes my senses, not refreshes my hostile attitude toward my fellow man. I want my eyes to enjoy themselves with lovely vistas, interesting statues, artwork and architecture.

So is there a way to make a nice town square, or triangle? The new civic plaza might just be the answer. The impressive new Surrey City Hall,  spectacular City Centre Library and luxury hotel and residences at 3 Civic Plaza will create a triangle with a plaza in the center connecting them all. The plaza is quite vast, and will be able to host up to 5,000 people for events and celebrations. Hopes are high that it will be the new hub for art markets, street food venders, live concerts and more. Aside from connecting  city hall, the library and 3 Civic Plaza, it will also act as a corridor that will extend to the future Performing Arts Centre, SFU Surrey and the Central City Shopping Centre.

When finished the civic plaza sounds like it’s going to be pretty amazing; truly a new urban village in downtown Surrey that will be unlike anything else in the rest of Surrey or Metro Vancouver. Now all we need is a few funky eclectic shops and some restaurants with patio tables extending out onto the plaza and we’ll have the ultimate town triangle. No trip to Europe necessary.


8 Coffee Shops Within 8 Blocks – Surrey City Centre

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Part of what makes a community start to feel like home is when you establish your go-to places for all of your daily needs. These include, your favourite places to meet friends, the grocery store with the best local produce, the dry cleaner that will have your favourite dress back to you in time for the big event (the next night), and your favourite place to get your daily java fix. For a relatively small geographic area, you might be surprised at how many coffee shops there are in Surrey City Centre. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it within a few blocks of the City Centre.

The first, Take 5 Cafe, is located right inside Surrey’s new City Hall. City Hall is a phenomenal building that epitomizes the transformation Surrey City Centre is undergoing. Therefore, we think it makes the perfect place for business meetings, when you feel like getting out of the office. It’s also a great place for people watching, as you’ve got a direct view of all the activity happening on the plaza.

For those who can’t function until they’ve had their morning coffee, the Urban Café is conveniently located right under the Central City SkyTrain station, making it the perfect place to grab a coffee and go during your morning commute. Apart from the location, the incredibly friendly owner is another reason we keep going back to this place. He’s always in a great mood and you receive an exceptional level of service you just don’t get at your typical chain.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy a coffee with a good book or while you work, Cafe Central is a great option since it’s located inside City Centre Library. The library is such an amazing building and a great place to go when you need some inspiration.

Another coffee shop we love due to its location is the Blenz at the foot of Central City Tower. The courtyard in front of Central City mall is the perfect place to sit outside during your lunch hour or with friends on a sunny day. There’s also lots of seating inside so if it’s too cold to sit outside, you’ll never be left with nowhere to sit.

A coffee shop farther North, across from the Gateway SkyTrain Station, is Waves. One of the main reasons we like Waves is because it’s one of the few establishments left that still welcome students and entrepreneurs to use their coffee shops as their work stations. While other coffee shops are starting to limit the amount of time patrons can access WiFi or quietly plug their power outlets, Waves has done neither and welcomes people to stay all day if they should so choose.

Last but not least, if you prefer Starbucks’ signature burnt taste, then you’re in luck because there are three Starbucks locations in Surrey City Centre. There’s one inside Central City Mall, another  inside the Safeway on the corner of King George Blvd and 104 Avenue, and a third location on King George Blvd  just south of 104 Avenue.

So there you have it, eight coffee shops within an eight block radius. Let us know which one of these will become your next go-to coffee spot!


***If sourcing local brews is more up your alley, check out our post on two great local breweries in Surrey!


Civic Plaza: The Aesthetics of Space

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At the heart of Surrey’s City Centre, flanked by 3 Civic Plaza (hotel and residences), City Centre Library and the new Surrey City Hall, a civic plaza has arrived. The City has retained Kasian-Moriyama Architects to design the civic plaza as a feature of the new urban hub that Surrey City Centre is transitioning into.

The joint ventures that comprise Surrey City Centre will be physically linked through the proposed civic plaza. This plaza will provide residents, neighbours and visitors to City Centre a place to experience this new development collectively, through congregation and community engagement. With the increased residential, commercial and educational space currently under development in the area, the civic plaza plays an essential role of bringing people together. It is estimated that the plaza will be large enough to accommodate up to 5,000 people for concerts, Farmer’s Markets or other open air events.

But this plaza is not only for large civic gathers, a number of street-level design features provide residents with places to enjoy any day of the year. Benches lining the plaza’s edges are well-situated under planted, leaf-bearing trees. Surrey residents can look forward to the dappled sunlight that these trees will reveal, providing a perfect setting for an afternoon chat or for getting into a good book.

Vehicle access has been incorporated into the eastern edge of the plaza. It may seen counterintuitive to allow vehicular traffic into the civic area, however, it is widely believed by the urban design community that controlled car access can create animation and activity. This is particularly true in times when the community plaza is not programmed or in poor weather when few people use the space.

The edges of the road will be lined by waist-height bollards and in-ground LEDs will demarcate the road’s centre line. These pedestrian-scale lighting interventions help to create safe and engaging public spaces, while preventing over-lighting that may disturb plaza users and neighbouring residents. The western edge of road will be also incorporate LED lighting features that will illuminate the plaza and nearby planted trees.

In addition to the trees and aesthetic features, the face of the civic plaza has also been carefully designed. The surface of the plaza will consist of brown and beige-coloured paving stones arranged in a pattern representing the DNA of a Douglas Fir.

Individually, the components for this civic plaza create an inviting and interactive space. See you at the plaza!


The Civic Plaza

The Civic Plaza

Winter Farmers’ Market in Surrey City Centre

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Have you had a chance to check out the Winter Farmers’ Market in Surrey City Centre yet? The Surrey Urban Farmers’ Market began back in 2006 and has grown significantly over the years. This year organizers launched their first winter market, which began Wednesday, 29 November. The market will return every other Wednesday from 12 pm – 4 pm in the City Hall atrium and plaza.

The farmers’ market now offers Surrey residents the opportunity to support local agriculture producers and small scale artisans all year round. This is great because anyone who prefers locally grown produce and food items knows that these can be difficult to find outside of the summer months.

In addition to local produce, visitors will find locally produced meat and dairy products, an array of baked goods and ethnic foods, homemade jams and jellies, and honey. There are also homemade soaps, make-up and perfumes, as well as scarves and jewelry.

The farmers’ market can also be a great place to enjoy your lunch break. There are vendors such as the Breadmobile selling fresh bread and baked goods, others selling coffee, light snacks and sandwiches, as well as food trucks parked outside the plaza, such as Big Red’s Poutine.

For those who forget to bring cash, “market bucks” will be available to purchase using a debit card and guests can use these at vendors and food trucks as cash. The “bucks” never expire, so people can bring them back for subsequent visits.

The Surrey winter farmers market offers such a variety of items that it’s great for the whole family. Stop by this Wednesday to experience it for yourself!

Winter Farmers' Market in the City Hall Atrium

Winter Farmers’ Market in the City Hall Atrium

Local produce at the Winter Farmers' Market

Local produce at the Winter Farmers’ Market

For more information about the Surrey farmers’ market, go to their website here.