A Vibrant New Downtown
Hosting up to 5,000 people for activities and events ranging from farmers' markets to live concerts, Surrey Civic Plaza is at the top of a broad pedestrian corridor and university district that extends from the new KPU campus at 3 Civic Plaza southwards to SFU Surrey and Central City Shopping Centre.

live in the heart of surrey city centre

Home to 3 Civic Plaza, Civic Hotel, KPU, City Hall and City Centre Library, the Plaza is the focal point of Surrey City Centre – a vibrant public square alive with visitors, residents, students, government and business people, with immediate transit access and pedestrian walkways connecting the community at large.


Defining the western edge of Surrey Civic Plaza, the Bing Thom-designed City Centre Library is easily among the most impressive libraries ever built in British Columbia. Inspired by an "Ideabook" created by the community itself, this innovative library receives over 2,000 visits each day.

moving beyond books

Reading aside, City Centre Library provides Wi-Fi, more than 80 public computers, a teen lounge and gaming room, a range of community meeting spaces and more. An open layout and careful choice of modern furnishings promote spontaneous discussion and collaboration.

designed with purpose

Totalling 77,000 square feet across 4 floors, City Centre Library's unique design includes enormous staircases that double as seating for events, glassed-in study areas and a grand central overlooking Surrey Civic Plaza. LEED-certified, the library has a green roof to capture rainwater and CO2.

the community as creator

To consult with the public, the designers of City Centre Library created a website to encourage contributions and feedback from the community using a wide range of social media. This generated many ideas that were ultimately incorporated into the final design of the building.


Beyond its connection to 3 Civic Plaza, Civic Hotel, KPU, City Centre Library, City Hall and the SkyTrain at Surrey Central Station, Surrey Civic Plaza will be part of a broad corridor linking Central City Shopping Centre and SFU Surrey – the only public space of its kind in all of Metro Vancouver.

your career timeline starts here

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) expands into a 50,000 square foot, the three-storey campus at 3 Civic Plaza. The aptly-named KPU Civic Plaza plans to deliver professional studies, upper-level business courses and post-graduate credentials at the campus as part of its dedication to professional development, business and innovation.

shopping at your doorstep

With over 130 stores and services including restaurants and a grocery store, Central City Shopping Centre is Surrey’s flagship mall – a one-stop shopping destination for the residents of 3 Civic Plaza, covering everything from daily essentials to personal indulgences.

higher learning in high demand

Home to over 7,500 students, SFU Surrey is the acclaimed university's most innovative and impressive campus. Now, with demand reaching unprecedented levels, SFU Surrey is pushing to move ahead with their ambitious four-phase, $355 million expansion plans to double capacity.

City Hall

The new 6-storey, $100-million City Hall is expected to bring more than 800 new jobs into the area. The relocation of City Hall to the square's northern edge is a key component to Surrey City Centre's reinvention, as well as the impetus for further development.

Bringing the city together

Part of the Mayor's decision to relocate City Hall to the new city centre is to encourage further investment in the area. By creating a focal point of community life in this new downtown, a public plaza and library, university campus, hotel and 3 Civic Plaza soon followed.

Leading by example

With the country's largest geo-exchange system providing energy efficient heating and cooling from the parkade below, City Hall provides many shining examples of sustainable design, including locally sourced materials, high fly-ash concrete and a partial green roof.

A reflection of Surrey

With its gleaming glass atrium and stepped outdoor seating for community gatherings, the new 6-storey City Hall boasts a modern, minimalist design that emphasizes materials and structure to evoke a sense of inclusivity, innovation and a commitment to the environment.